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Lindsy Argenti, marketing manager for Coastal Pet Products, discusses how the company’s longtime success continues to be driven by its partnerships with independent retailers.

Coastal Pet Products has been a leading manufacturer in the pet industry for more than 50 years. How has the company been able to sustain that leadership position for so long? How does Coastal’s history contribute to its current success? The core of Coastal Pet has always been our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. As a family-owned, American manufacturer, we’ve been able to stay closely tied to our retailer base, which allows us to understand market challenges and opportunities sooner. Having been in the industry for more than half a century, we’ve seen the ebbs and flows of the market. We’ve been around for the emergence of new markets and shifting buying patterns. That experience helps us understand what’s a passing trend and what’s here to stay.


How important have independent pet specialty retailers been in shaping Coastal’s success? How does the company, in turn, help drive success for independent retailers? Independent pet specialty retailers are our base. They’ve been with Coastal Pet from the beginning, and they are our direct line to market demands. Our relationship with pet specialty is near and dear to Coastal, and we work hard to reward that partnership with initiatives like our Authorized Dealer program, which is our way of helping retailers get a leg up on other markets, like e-commerce. Authorized Dealers have access to exclusive product designs, lower shipping minimums, and marketing support, like pre-made social media content and ad designs—all to help their businesses thrive.


Coastal has long been known for its generous approach to giving back to the pet community. What are some of the charitable organizations the company is involved with? Coastal Pet is really proud of the work we do in the pet community, beyond simply manufacturing well-crafted products. Part of our Good Works program focuses on support of pet-related charitable causes. Leader Dogs for the Blind and Morris Animal Foundation are two of the organizations with whom we partner. Beyond monetary and volunteer contributions, we have created collars and leashes in what we refer to as our “cause patterns.” Proceeds from the sales of these patterns go back to supporting these organizations and their important missions. 


What are some of Coastal Pet Products’ most popular products/lines? What makes these products appealing to pet owners? Year after year, we see the K9 Explorer collars, leashes and harnesses remain popular with pet owners. As they become more inclusive of pets in their adventures, they look for products that support those activities. K9’s reflective features, durability and rugged styling speak to the hiking, camping and backpacking set.


The trend of inclusion is also why we see success with our newer lines, like our Pro waterproof line of collars, leashes and harnesses, as well as the Bergan by Coastal travel products that encompass everything from seat protectors, to crash tested auto harnesses and airline compliant carriers. 


Earlier this year, Coastal Pet Products expanded its Bergan line of travel products. What are some of the new additions to the collection? How do they fit in with Coastal’s overall approach to the travel products category? The most unique additions to our Bergan by Coastal travel line are the backpack-style carrier and the hanging booster that converts to a shoulder bag. The trendy heather grey colors and easy-to-clean features make them really appealing to pet owners who are looking for ways to bring their small to medium pets with them for coffee, to work or maybe just on an errand run around town. Our position in travel is really supporting that everyday urban and suburban exploration. We want to make it easier for pet owners to go from car to park and beyond; wherever the days may take them. 


What are some of the other latest introductions from Coastal Pet Products? What are the key features of these products? Outside of travel, we’ve launched a new line of holiday-themed designs for Halloween and Christmas in 2019, but we’ve got everything from Easter to Fourth of July in the program for 2020. The designs are fun and festive, but they are also on our new padded polyester material, which is incredible soft, meaning incredible comfortable, as well.


Our Authorized Dealer exclusive patterns are also on the new padded polyester. They are actually one of our favorite releases this year, because they are a departure from some of our more classic designs, featuring whimsical themes like aliens and unicorns.


Not forgetting about our feline friends, we’ve also introduced round kitten collars that are great for long-haired breeds, as it prevents tangling. Catnip is obviously still a feline favorite, so we’ve added some more lifelike catnip creatures to our line and are offering a bulk catnip bag as well, so cat owners can keep the fun going even longer.


What does the future hold for Coastal Pet Products? The future of Coastal Pet is exciting. We continue to explore new materials, new hardware and new designs that will delight pet owners and maintain our quality standards. We have some fun mid-year product introductions coming for SuperZoo this summer, including new designs for our reflective Lazer Brite line of collars and leashes. With reflective capabilities up to 600 feet, it’s one of those summer evening walk essentials.

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