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Plush Toys for Dogs

With so many choices in the dog toy aisle, retailers need to be strategic about which items they stock and how they’re presented to shoppers.

Pets’ health is top of mind among owners today. With so much focus on finding the right diet and supplements, it’s easy to overlook another key part of dogs’ well being—fun.


“Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows that they need sufficient play time to be both happy and healthy,” says Laura Morgan, social media and digital marketing specialist at Pet Lifestyle and You (P.L.A.Y.). “Plush dog toys offer a way to do this that is both fun for pets and their parents.”


Plush dog toys have also long been essential to the livelihood of pet retailers as key sales drivers. Unlike items such as beds or carriers, plush toys have a greater turnover rate and lower price point, which makes them easy add-ons for customers.


“While some consumers will visit stores specifically in search of toys for their furry friend, many will see displays of fun toys as they’re shopping for food or other necessities,” explains Mark Watkin, sales manager for ZippyPaws. “They often decide to reward their good pups with toys.”


However, since plush toys are a dog aisle staple, the category has become saturated. With so many choices available, retailers and consumers alike can easily find themselves overwhelmed with options. That’s why it’s crucial to stock plush toys that help retailers stand out from the crowd and offer shoppers something unique.

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