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I'll Be Home for Christmas! Adorable Cat Houses For Sale Now Look Just Like Festive Trees

It will be easy for your feline to feel the spirit of Christmas when they’re inside these festive cat houses.

Bed, Bath and Beyond is offering cat trees that are actually trees! Their “Holiday Wool Tree Pet Caves” are adorable, shrunken versions of the decked up Christmas trees you see popping up in homes around the holidays. But unlike real Christmas trees, you’ll want your kitty to climb into this decoration.

To help attract pets to this product, the tree houses provide “enough space for your pet to stretch out and lounge the day away,” according the the product’s description online, and are made of wool, since the scent of the fabric “naturally attracts your pet.” Now, maybe cat owners won’t have to buy a “half tree” this year, since their felines will be too busy enjoying their own festive perch.


The cat house, which comes in green or white and is decorated in colorful baubles.

Get your kitty’s Christmas shopping out of the way now by buying them a home for the holidays that is perfect for the season.

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