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Expands Automatic Feeder Line

PetSafe launched the Six Meal Feeder in order to give busy pet parents more mealtime flexibility. This product is PetSafe’s second automatic pet feeder released this fall. The Smart Feed, a Wi-Fi enabled automatic pet feeder controlled through an app on an iPhone or Android smartphone, was launched in October.


“We all have busy schedules, and trying to make sure that our pets are getting the right amount of food at regular meal times is just one more thing on our long lists,” said Sarah Beene, category manager for PetSafe Water and Feed products. “The Six Meal Feeder provides flexibility for pet parents and reduces pet stress by feeding meals on schedule, even when pet parents are away from home for a weekend or tied up with other tasks.”

The Six Meal Feeder automatically feeds pets one to six customized meals a day, each up to one cup of dry or semi-moist cat or dog food. It has a dispenser that rotates and drops the dog or cat food into a bowl, while keeping pets from stealing future meals. The clear locking lid keeps the food fresh and secure, at the same time allowing pet parents to easily see how many meals are left. It is ideal for cats and small to medium dogs.


When schedules change, pet parents can feed the next scheduled meal anytime by pushing the Feed Now button, and the Sleep Mode temporarily suspends meals without losing programmed meal times. The Six Meal Feeder is quick and easy to set up with a built-in digital clock and LCD display, and the bowl and tray are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The feeder is battery-powered with an estimated battery life of nine months.



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