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Unforgettable Memory for Anji Drafting

---Vicky from Hangzhou Cute Pet Technology Co.,Ltd.

There must be one or two memories lying in everyone’s head deeply, from birth to death. For our team, Hangzhou Cute Pet Technology Co.,Ltd, the most unforgettable experience should be the journey to Anji canyon.

Anji, a far and quiet town from modern city, it attracts thousands of people to enjoy their cooling summer there every year. With the blue sky and clear stream, though the temperature is very hot, we still sang Lemon Tree all the way happily. Getting out from office and embracing the nature, that’s our goal for this trip.

But compared with still streams, the drafting experience is a kind of “adventure”. Just after we set off, we encountered the first torrent, the water was rushing, our rubber boat was always swaying, my friend Amy and I quickly grabbed the rope on the dinghy. The water is getting more and more urgent, and I closed my eyes nervously. Suddenly, the rubber boat made a loud noise at the moment of collision with the rock. The white spray splashed, and the cold water splashed. In the meantime, we were drenched into "falling chicken." There was a lot of water in the boat. I took the water and scooped up the water. Amy held the paddle tightly and grasped the direction, desperately pointing the boat to the slow-flow zone.After several time, we both had experience to handle each torrent that we met.

After this drafting, what occurs to my mind is “There is no rehearsal in life, every moment is a live broadcast, you have to prepare well and make effort.” That’s totally true, but it has half sentence left, “……with your team!”.

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